In 2017, Difficult Dialogues is partnering with University College London (UCL) to explore the challenges India faces in creating conditions for good health and healthcare access for all citizens. It will include discussions under four broad themes: Inequalities in Health and Healthcare; Perceptions of Gender and Consequences for Health; Universal Health (Care) Coverage; and The Changing Burden of Disease.

UCL_Logo_BlackUCL is a world leading university that undertakes cutting edge research and teaching in medical care as well as health issues understood in their widest sense. The culture of UCL is to work across disciplines and expertise in order to research both the biomedical and social drivers of ill health, and increasingly, the factors that determine positive wellbeing. A hallmark of this year’s forum will be the concern for health including and beyond healthcare, to the social, political, economic and cultural factors that determine the health of a nation.

How and what type of healthcare people access across India varies enormously. But there are numerous examples of excellence – models created and practised in response to a range of challenges. These models are responding to everything from a lack of trained health professionals, gender inequality, and social exclusion to low education, nutrition, and economic welfare.

Because of India’s strong achievements in community-led health, e-health technology and pharmaceutical innovation, the forum will also consider India’s leadership role in both regional and global health. With our diverse stakeholders and world renowned experts from UCL, our aim is to identify the pressing needs, best practices, and health policies that are effective, economically efficient and, importantly, ethical and equitable so that all may benefit from good health.